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Hello All,

We are now in Rapid City, SD. We arrived here Thursday afternoon, both of us very tired. I fought the wind all the way from Sheridan, WY to Rapid City and on the way remembered I was supposed to have had the oil changed in the Motor Home before we left Sheridan. So, I went on-line and found a place in Rapid City to get the oil changed before we set up in the RV park. We just rested last evening and went to bed early. We will visit with the Allens (Sam and Donna) at lunch today and do some necessary shopping.

The work in Ranchester continues to struggle just to maintain the "status-quo". The family that I mentioned that came to the meeting in the Spring are still attending some, the wife more than the husband. Also their daughter is now living with them and attended with her mother (the husband was Elk hunting) the Sunday I was there (Sept 4th) and the husband and wife along with their daughter attended one night of the meeting in Sheridan. There is some interest there, but they are very weak spiritually.

We had a good meeting in Sheridan, WY. We had visitors at every service. A lady from the liberal church attended every night but Wednesday night. Also the mother and sister (who are not members of the church) of one of the members attended the last two nights of the meeting. Bob Reich and his family from Ranchester attended two nights and the couple I mentioned above attended Tuesday night. The man that I had a discussion with during the meeting in Ranchester in the Spring even attended one night. He has his one small group that meets in Sheridan. He doesn't agree with all that the liberals are doing and neither does he agree with sound brethren because they won't "eat in the building". He is a very radical and contentious individual, but he said I didn't preach anything he didn't agree with (the lesson was about the disobedient prophet in 1Kings 13). We enjoyed the hospitality of the brethren in both Ranchester and in Sheridan. The Beef steaks in Ranchester and the Buffalo steaks in Sheridan were both very good, along with all the other food provided for us.

I will preach in Rapid City this Sunday and Monday we will point the Motor Home toward Plano, IL. We plan to arrive there about lunch time Wednesday and be ready to begin a different speaker meeting there Wednesday evening through Sunday. I will be speaking three times in this meeting. We will be visiting Pekin IL the following Wednesday evening and then travel to Laws Hill, MS to help in the meeting scheduled there with Bobby Holmes. We had planed to be home sometime during the week of the Oct 9th, but now have a meeting scheduled with the church in Athens, GA Oct 16 - 19. We should be back in Florence, AL around Oct 21st. I will be available for appointment preaching after that. I plan to begin arranging meetings and preaching appointments for another trip out West next year as soon as we get home.

Well, so long for now, until next time.


Jerry L. Henderson



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