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Hello everyone,

Yes, its been a while since I posted here. I just closed my meeting in Sheridan, WY last night and we are now in Cody, WY on our way to Blackfoot, ID to start a meeting there on Sunday. I preached in Pekin, IL on Wednesday evening April 18 and then began a meeting in Minooka, IL April 22 - 25. I also preached in Plano, IL on Sunday afternoon on the 22nd. The meeting in Minooka was well attended with many visitors. We left Plano and I preached in Princeton, IL where David Beck is working with this very small group. From there we headed to Rapid City, SD and enjoyed spending some time with our grandchildren Brooklyn and Austin (our son, Tim's, family). We attended Bible study with them Wednesday evening. On Friday we left for Ranchester, WY where I preached three times on Sunday and then Wednesday evening. From there we traveled to Sheridan, WY for the meeting there May 13-16. We did not have as many visitors as we had hoped, but one lady came from the liberal church and the sister and mother of one of the men in the congregation as well as some from the church in Ranchester. We had hoped to be able to do some work with a church in Scotts Bluff, NE after the meeting in Sheridan, but were unable to get it scheduled. However, I received a call from Blackfoot, ID asking if I could hold a meeting for them, so I scheduled it following Sheridan. We should be there tomorrow evening. From Blackfoot we will head back toward AL for a couple of weeks and then head back west for work with the church in Green River, WY and then on to Tacoma, WA.

Well, this should do for now, will write more later.



Jerry L. Henderson



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